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     Liberty Academy is an alternative school located at 1115 Blackberry Drive in Liberty, Missouri and part of the Liberty Public School District.  Liberty Academy uses the UnSchool Challenge platform and currently serves as a last option for many of the community's high school students who have yet to find their passion, voice, and/or continued academic success.  Liberty Academy is currently housed in a retro-fitted two story office complex  directly adjacent to the Liberty Community Center.  On any given day our campus will have a very diverse mix of close to 100 students moving from class to class or experience to experience.  Students are from a variety of ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.  The students pride themselves on being independent, creative, thoughtful, and kinetic, but most importantly they desire to engage in meaningful work that connects to their interests and preparation for real life.  As a result, Liberty Academy is working to invert the student experience by scaffolding growth mindsets, changing traditional schedules, and offering programs that are personalized to each individual student.  Our students and staff are currently working together to rethink, retool, and reframe our learning environment built on the philosophies below:

1.  All children need to be exposed to information, concepts, and ideas in a more connected, relevant, and organic way so that innovation, trial work, and mastery become natural by-products of their learning architecture.
 2.  All children need the chance to explore the world around them and work with a diverse network of professionals that will help them grow their own sense of self and also better understand their own aptitudes.
 3.  All children need the chance to personalize their own learning frameworks and have the opportunity each week to collaboratively play, piddle, make, and design.

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